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Frederiksberg Health Center

At Frederiksberg Health Centre, you will find the prevention area as well as Rehabilitation and Recovery services. You can read more about our services here.


    Frederiksberg Health Centre 

    At Frederiksberg Health Centre, you'll discover the municipal outpatient rehabilitation services and a significant portion of the municipality's preventive offerings, such as smoking cessation courses, programs for residents with chronic conditions, grief support groups, and much more.

    About sund.frederiksberg

    On this page, you can explore the numerous offerings available at Frederiksberg Health Centre. Some of these programs require a referral from your doctor or hospital, but there are also several options you can participate in without a referral. When we host events, presentations, or any other activities beyond our regular offerings, we promote them in our news section on the website.
    You can also follow us on Facebook, where we regularly share content about health across the entire municipality.

    You are at the centre 

    Our goal is to ensure that you, as a resident, have the opportunity to lead a long life with many good years. We want to assist you in finding programs that align with your life situation. If you engage with other parts of the healthcare system, we aim to ensure that the services you receive are cohesive. Many of the offerings at Frederiksberg Health Centre include patient education. If you would like to learn more about the educational principles behind patient education, you can read the pedagogical framework for patient education here.
    To ensure that our offerings and communication remain relevant, we maintain an ongoing dialogue about current and future initiatives in the health centre with our user panel. The voluntary User Panel consists of residents with diverse backgrounds, life experiences, and ages, who have received services at the Health Centre or have otherwise been connected to it.

    A smooth transition to the local community 

    In our view, health is more than just the absence of illness. It is also about thriving in life and having the opportunity to engage in communities with others. We believe it is essential that you can continue activities such as exercising or perhaps find a supportive community, and we are here to assist you when you complete your program with us.
    Some of the programs at the Health Centre are network-based, and volunteers and organisations also use the Health Centre as a framework for their activities. When we collaborate with the local community in this way, it is because we believe those affected by the issues are crucial partners in addressing the task of making Frederiksberg healthier.