Frederiksberg as a member of WHO European Healthy Cities network

Frederiksberg is a member of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network. The title of WHO-Healthy City marks Frederiksberg as a healthy city, which is considered to strengthen Frederiksberg as an attractive municipality to live in, for families with children, young people and the elderly. The membership of the European WHO Healthy City network thus supports the work on the existing strategic tracks that Frederiksberg Municipality has been working on in recent years and strengthens engagement to the health agenda. The membership of WHO European Healthy Cities Network has proven to be of great inspiration to the politicians as well as the administration in Frederiksberg. 

During Phase Vll Frederiksberg Municipality has identified four key areas of action, as outlined in The Frederiksberg Health Polity 2019-2022. 

Healthy Urban Living 

Healthy urban living focuses on how we can ensure healthy living conditions in the most densely populated municipality in northern Europe. We create opportunities for living a healthy lifestyle for all residents of the city by designing pockets of green spaces, Exercise facilities, cultural and leisure activities as well as by integrating health perspectives in infrastructure and urban devel-opment, environmental measures and climate adaptation policies. We aim to make it easier for people to integrate sports and exercise into their daily lives, meet with friends and live their lives without exposure to adverse environmental impacts. 

Health For All 

Health for all focuses on the importance of giving everyone the opportunity to live a healthy life. Social equality in health have not improved over the last four years. Social inequality in health is one of the major health challenges in Denmark. To ensure better health for all we will focus on equal access to health services, on integrating health into social policy and into employment initi-atives. We also focus on providing healthy settings, information, services and facilities. We hope that this will encourage more people to stop smoking and reduce their alcohol consumption. 


The Health of Children and Young People 

The health of children and young people focuses on ensuring healthy and safe conditions for children in Frederiksberg. Health and well-being in childhood and adolescence are crucial to health later in life and educators, teachers, therapists or other professionals employed by Frederiksberg municipality are therefore encouraged to intervene at an early stage if they consider that the health of a child is at risk. Focus on health promotion must be a natural part of the services provided by day-care facilities, schools, leisure-time facilities and youth education institutions. 


Resilient Communities and Mental Health 

Resilient communities and mental health focuses on how to make Frederiksberg a socially sustainable city where everyone has the opportunity to be a part of a resilient community. We will work to ensure that the communities of the city welcomes and includes more people. 



Please call the WHO European Healthy Cities Network Coordinator in Frederiksberg Rie Toft : +45 28 98 54 10